Moscow for child

No matter how large or small your family is we’ll find the best possible family tour for you! We offer a variety of family programs such as general and dedicated tours across Moscow, trips to festivals and festivities, weekend family tours and much more. We have what to offer to young people and adults, to little children and teenagers, both to restless and leisurely individuals. All your family members will be happy, both experienced travelers and novices. 

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Helpful information

What does the cost include?

Board and lodging, a pediatrician, a nurse, supporting managers, all entrance tickets under the program.

What is a family tour to Moscow?

In brief, this is a well-thought-out travel program within a certain timeframe for which several families can register. This type of tour will suit families with children aged 5 to 15 years. We do our best to bring families with similar age children into the same group so that you will travel with likely-minded people sharing your interests. Undertaking a family tour is a fine opportunity to meet new people and find new friends for adults and children. Travelling in a company is more fun, isn’t it?

Is it possible to amend the program

Our programs are drawn up based on experience of foreign families staying in Moscow and our own travelling experience. We’ve done our best to create a maximally comfortable program for participants of all ages and provide professional nurses for the travelers.

If you have an individual request, we’re prepared to offer you an exclusive solution. Write to us about it.   

What if we wish to travel in a large family group, including parents, children, grandparents??

We are very glad to service such large families. We’re prepared to organize a comfortable stay for your family in Moscow. You only need to e-mail us and we shall offer you customized travel arrangements. 


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