About us

Our family is our chief asset in life. A joint rest is a source of inspiration and enjoyment. Appreciating the traditions and true values, we do our best to preserve them.  

How often do we find a chance to play as a whole family in the open air or table games indoors, or cook a family dinner or just enjoy a chat? If you have a large family with children of different ages, nephews, parents and grandparents, you should be mindful of everyone’s interests.  

We try to use our weekends for watching together a film for the entire family or going to the countryside where everyone will find something to enjoy.

And what about resting together? We know how to arrange your leisure in such a way that both you and your children will enjoy rest and entertainment!

You think it’s hard?  Leave your arrangement issues to us. Just get satisfaction from resting as a whole family.  

Whatever family you have, we’ll find the best possible family tour for you! We offer a variety of family programs such as general and dedicated tours across Moscow, trips to festivals and festivities, weekend family tours and much more. We have what to offer to young people and adults, to little children and teenagers, both to restless and leisurely individuals. All your family members will be happy, both experienced travelers and novices. Tell us about your interests. We are willing to help you.

Some of our teammates have children of their own, some foster nephews, some have been working for now 8 years with the rising generation as a psychologist or a pedagogue. We know not by hearsay the specifics of both three year-olds and 12 year old teenagers.

Since 2012 our team has been hosting foreign guests and organizing their immersion into Moscow’s culture. Therefore we’ve got a lot of contacts and partners in this business. We have assured ourselves of their professionalism and put a premium on each of them.

We have been working together for over 10 years, which is why we know and take into account the personal specifics of all the people preparing the programs for you. With our team you will always feel comfortable and secure.

Many tourist companies organizing group tours to Moscow for adults offer – as one of their services – family tours. As for us, we specialize expressly in rest for families with children. Our team concentrates on preparing exclusive services tailored specifically for your family. 

We know how to organize rest in Moscow where children of various ages, parents and grandparents will be absolutely happy.

Caring for your family is our favorite job.