Christmas in Moscow 0-5 and 6-12

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Winter is a special time of the year in Russia, and if you bundle up, you can go on an unforgettable trip over snow-covered Moscow. Imagine one of the most beautiful cities in the world shining with millions of New Year’s lights, historical buildings shrouded in snow, the windows glitter with frostwork of surpassing beauty, hot appetizers and original souvenirs are offered at numerous fairs in cozy chalets, the warming aroma of mulled wine and herbal tea is in the air. Isn’t it tempting? Every year we choose the best places and activities of the Journey to Christmas festival and make up “travel” routes specially for you. We also remember about your young travelers - we have prepared a special entertainment and educational program for them that will take them to the Moscow Christmas atmosphere! To give you an opportunity to fully relax and enjoy the journey, the children will spend part of the program with our professional nannies. Be sure, we will provide you and your children with an exciting, comfortable and safe trip. Don’t you remember that Christmas is on January 7 in Russia? Yes? Then have a Merry Christmas!

Day 1


Our managers will meet you at the airport and will accompany you to the hotel room. Your child will be able to get a children’s doctor advice* at the hotel. The doctor will get acquainted with the child, learn his or her features and give nutritional advice. If you need a pediatrician advice during the trip, it will be easier for him to consult if he is already familiar with your child.

You will have a lot of free time in the first day to adapt in the new city. Our highly professional nannies will work during the whole day, and they will be able to take care of your children at any time. 

Day 2


Today you will start your journey in a Christmas tale! Dressy Christmas trees, objets d’art, impressing with their size and design, light installations and tunnels, flickering fountains, will create a magical holiday atmosphere. A walk will end in Zaryadye gastronomic center where 8 restaurants cook traditional dishes following the recipes of Russian regions. There will be bakery food from southern regions, porridge in clay pots from the restaurant stove, all the variety of pastry dishes: pelmyashi, vareniki (dumplings), pancakes, pelmeni (meat dumplings), chebureki (meat pastry); icy show-window with seafood and fish of all the seas and oceans surrounding Russia: Caspian flounder, Far Eastern crab, smelt from the Barents Sea, Murmansk salmon - steamed, grilled and iced .. and we saved something for last

Nikulin’s Circus is literally the dearest wish of every single child! Together with the fairy tale heroes, your little ones will become participants of incredible adventures in the Far Far Away Kingdom, where they will meet the Russian Zmey Gorynych, Emelya on the stove, the Firebird and the Swan Princess. Aerialist, tight-rope walker, trained bears on buffalo, chimpanzee, exotic birds - we promise you will see a truly unforgettable performance!

Day 3


Program for children 0-5 years

We will visit the largest aquarium in Europe. Your children will not only see 12,000 sea, river and lake inhabitants, but also touch rays, king crabs, sea stars and more. And the most sophisticated travelers can swim with dolphins with their whole family!

Program for children 6-12 years

Right after breakfast, your children, accompanied by nannies, will visit the Europe’s largest aquarium. They will not only see 12,000 sea, river and lake inhabitants, but also touch rays, king crabs, sea stars and more. A unique circus musical with marine inhabitants will grab small travelers’ imagination!

Program for parents of children 6-12 years

Wonder what is there for you? You will visit the most famous bathhouse in the world - Sandunov’s Baths, opened in 1808. Here you can relax and devote time to yourself and your body as it was once done by L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov, S. Rakhmaninov, S. Eisenstein and even the Grand Dukes of the Romanovs.

Program for children 0-5 years old and 6-12 years old

From the bosom of the sea and the bathing world we will go to the famous Kolomenskoye estate, the heart of which is dedicated to Ivan the Terrible. You will enjoy scenes based on Christmas night, traditional Russian costumes, sledding at the royal court, folk performances while drinking hot tea with Russian pancakes. And your little travelers will enjoy a bells and plates painting workshop, as well as sledging!

Day 4


You can spend the morning with your children, walking alone in the city.

Program for children 0-5 years

And after lunch your young researchers will decorate the Christmas tree, see the northern lights, play snowballs and help the heroes of the play save the New Year, all at the club for the youngest. True miracles happen here!

Program for children 6-12 years old

And after lunch you and your children will spend time at the Europe’s largest natural ice skating rink. There is also a decorative six-meter forest, and a spiral pine tree with an Arctic owl, and a special ice illumination. And the ice itself is poured in the form of a golden key from a famous Russian fairy tale.

Program for parents of children 6-12 years

For parents. 
You will have a romantic dinner at an altitude of 337 meters above Moscow in 7th Sky restaurant located in the famous Ostankino TV tower. The restaurant floors slowly rotate 360°, which allows you to enjoy the changing views. The restaurant makes a full turn in 40 minutes. While you enjoy each other’s company, our highly professional nannies take care of your children’s leisure and comfort.

Day 5


You will have an exciting historical journey, where you will learn about the Orthodox traditions and Christmas distinctness in Russia. You will hear about the decree of Peter I “On the Decoration of Pine and Spruce Trees and Branches”, how the spruce became a Christmas symbol, where the tradition to decorate Christmas tree comes from, when the Christmas tree transformed into the New Year tree in Russia, why the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7, and the Catholic Christmas on December 25 and much more!

And after that you and your children will go into the world of traditional Russian cuisine, taste the most delicious national cuisine dishes, learn how to cook Borshch, make pelmeni (meat dumplings) and not just that.

Day 6


At the end of the program, you will visit the Journey to Christmas festival, after which you will have free time to walk along the streets you already know, enjoy their Christmas beauty and buy souvenirs to remind you of an amazing trip to Moscow at Christmas time. We developed a gift-guide especially for you, so the question of what to bring from Russia will not cause you any trouble.


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Dates and prices

Older than 12 years
From 0 to 5 years
From 6 to 12 years
3 600 €

We take care of our customers and want their stay in Moscow to be as comfortable, useful and interesting as maximally possible. As is well known, comfort rests on little things, which is why we have carefully prepared the basic “little things” that will make your family tour a pleasant and memorable event.



Safety first

The top priority in travel with children is safety. We have taken care of this. The child car seats, comfortable perambulators, journeys in small groups of 3 to 5 families accompanied by tutors and entertainers guarantee that your children will at all times remain in care while you will be enjoying our program in Moscow.


Nutritious and tasty food

The second in importance item during travels with children is always food. For children it must be not only tasty but also nutritious and made from natural products. All the restaurants and cafes included in our program are prepared to service little customers and offer them a child’s menu adapted for the most demanding child.



The child’s healthy condition is a pledge of an enjoyable travel. Therefore, on the first and last days of your stay in the city a qualified pediatrician will examine your child. We’ve seen to it that at any time you’d be able to turn to a pediatrician for help or advice. He will promptly help you settle all the arising problems.  


All ages yield surrender

Feel sure that during the tour your children will find friends for themselves since we form the groups so that there would be in them more young travelers of similar age. 


Free time for parents 

Our program includes free time for parents. We know that traveling with children is not always a rest, which is why we offer you to spend several evenings without children, a husband and wife let alone and willing to devote themselves to each other. In the meantime their children will be looked after by our attentive tutors offering a great time to the kids. 


Qualified staff

To assure your peace of mind during the family tour, we employ professional tutors who will play interesting games with your children. Nearly all the elements of the program include parallel children’s entertainments or a use of a children’s room. Our staff know how to speak your child’s language. 


We’ve got everything for you! 

You won’t have to take along with you the prams, toys and other accessories that take up the precious space in your suitcase. During your stay in Moscow we shall make available to you everything you need for travelling with children, be it anti-bacterial napkins or lunchboxes.



Travel with us, forgetting everything! Leave an application for a family tour right now, e-mailing us at                                                  or calling on +7 (499) 450-50-05.