Our team

Lyudmila Tsoi:

"To start with, for me, family rest means a memorable experience for my children. It is safety, comfort, and proper food. This is an opportunity for me and my husband to get into a bright world of our children."

Anna Bereza:

"To have rest with your family means going back to childhood. You are mischievous, the opportunities around make your dizzy, your heart is full of impressions and you can share them with the very relatives - your family. It was so in my childhood and I want other children to have such family impressions.."


Olga Kopylova:

"In today’s hectic world, it’s to hard to find time to have rest with our families. But if we do, we thoroughly prepare to make everyone feel the maximum comfort, meet everyone’s needs, and ensure that the recreation is embedded in everyone’s memory. Family rest means the warmest memories for many years, you need to thoroughly prepare to."

Marina Soloviova:

"Since my family lives far from me, I really appreciate those rare moments that we spend together. Usually, it all starts with cooking together and continues with a long cozy family dinner at a large table. Warm conversations, discussions and jokes, delicious homemade food and tea with sweets have become a family rest symbol for me.."


Svetlana Pokusaeva:

"For me, family rest means an opportunity to devote a few days exclusively to the family, become even closer with my spouse and children, share new experiences with them. I’m sure this is exactly what we all will cherish many years later!"

Tatiana Gavrilova:

"To have rest with the whole family - that’s the thrill of it! There is nothing more powerful than the energy from collaborative discoveries, fun and bright impressions gained together with the nearest and dearest."


Alexandr Pokusaev:

"I like that Moscow is a city that grows and develops with its inhabitants. Over the past 10 years, our capital has changed beyond recognition: updated streets, beautiful parks, thoughtful infrastructure and, of course, an atmosphere that charms not only me and my spouse, but also our children from their first walks around the best city on Earth."


Dmitry Sorokin:

"I am waiting for the weekend to spend with my wife and son. We walk in parks and visit various sights, each time discovering something new. Moscow is an amazing and many-sided city for families with children!"



Nikolay Bragin:

"When I was small, most of all I loved to walk with my parents in Moscow, to watch the most interesting places and sights. Such moments are remembered for a lifetime. Now I also spend time with my child!"