Moscow - Kazan

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Day 1

Moscow: Arrival

Our hospitable managers will meet you at the airport and accompany you all the way to your hotel. After you accommodate comfortably, you will be invited for dinner at one of the most outstanding Moscow restaurants which is supervised by one of capital’s best chefs and serves dishes of Russian cuisine. Since the flight was long, we recommend you to raise the energy having a good sleep before the new full-time program day!

Day 2

Let's go to the center

Red Square is the most famous square in Moscow, its architectural and historical site. Along with Kremlin it's Russian capital's symbol. With our guide you will walk along the central streets of Moscow, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Alexander garden, and of course will find out many exciting stories and legends of the famous square.

And gradually we are approaching our another pride, the Zaryadie park. Here, as we know the young travelers' love of adventure, they will take a trip among the snow and ice of The Ice Cave and enjoy the beauty of the smallest crystals which cover columns and walls. You will also walk on the Soaring Bridge and, of course, take a Flight above Moscow which is a virtual tour about capital’s most powerful places.

Fasten your seat belts properly, because the platform under you moves and rises as you rush past Moscow’s famous skyscrapers, monasteries and temples, stadiums, highways, parks, central streets and public gardens.

Extra program

In the morning you can optionally visit the most picturesque reserve in Moscow, where you will learn about the peculiarities of the life of Russian peasants. In the famous manse you will watch theatrical performances based on the Christmas night and see traditional Russian costumes. Here you can also enjoy riding in a sleigh carriage near the royal court.

A professional photographer is an option. He can make beautiful pictures for a lifetime memory.

In the evening we recommend you to go on a Radisson river cruise where you will see the most colorful landscapes from an unusual point!

The Radisson motor ship is a luxurious on-board restaurant, an excellent banquet service and of course exquisite author's cuisine.

Day 3

The Lilac Garden

You will enjoy an unforgettable tour of the Lilac Garden - a special place, which counts more than 50 species of the most stunning varieties of white and purple lilac flowers. The fragrance of this plant symbolizes the beginning of a blooming summer: in a few days the bushes with recently opened leaves burst into blossom land cover with large and lush clusters of flowers.

In case you want lifetime memory pictures, a professional photographer will be happy to capture you in charming lilacs!

Extra program

The cultural and entertainment center that combines the features of the old Russian Kremlin will open its doors to you. On its territory there is a building of the XVII century - the palace of Tsar Romanov, we call the eighth wonder of the world.

As an alternative amusement, we recommend you to visit the Kandinsky baths, which are a real, traditional Russian bath science the 19th century! For the most sophisticated connoisseur of the bath business, the Sanduns have three male and two female departments with huge recreation rooms, swimming pools and Russian steam rooms.

You can also go to the In The Dark concert. It is an unusual innovative project that breaks stereotypes. In the pitch darkness, the one that you haven’t ever seen, you begin not only to hear, but to see music.

Day 4

Moscow: scenic beauty 

You will go on a sightseeing tour about the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH) where you will see the exposition, museum and recreational buildings that are part of the largest complex in the world.

The guide will take you through the hidden back streets of the famous center, show you the Central Alley, the exhibition space “Museum City”, the all-season theme Amusement Park, educational clusters and, of course, tell many legends.

After that you will set off to an amazing place -  the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, which is one of the oldest parks in the city. It counts more than 2.5 thousand plant species in the temperate zone of Europe, Asia and North America. Within the program you will also inspect the lilac alley and the largest observation deck of the capital - Sparrow Hills, with its delightful view of the surroundings.

The walk will end up in the Physic garden which is the oldest botanical garden in Russia, founded by Peter I in 1706. There is a legend that Peter I himself planted three trees here: spruce, fir and larch - so that the lieges learned to distinguish coniferous trees.

An exhibition of lilacs, the spring festival of flowers, a concert in the greenhouse garden, master classes for children and a sightseeing tour is what else awaits you in the Physic garden!

Day 5

Across Russia

Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to beautiful Moscow and to go to the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Great Northern Way. The train leaves the capital, crosses the Volga river and goes along the longest railway route in the world. From the starting point to the end, it crosses 7 time zones and a huge variety of natural areas! On this technical progress miracle we will get to the capital of Tatarstan, hospitable Kazan.

Day 6

The culture of Tatarstan

You will see the Old Tatar settlement – a real oriental Tatar corner of Kazan which vividly reflects the national mentality.

Afterwards we will set off to Tugan Avyly or the Native Village which is an entertainment complex in a Tatar national style located in the heart of the city. All buildings are made of wood, and the area is decorated with appropriate sculptures and figures, benches and fountains.

You are to change into the Khans, trying on Tatar national costumes and, of course, to discover the Tatar tea drinking tradition, known far beyond the borders of Kazan!

And then we will go to a truly amazing place - the temple of All Religions - the only similar building in the world dedicated to different religions of the world. The temple houses an art gallery, an art school and a concert hall, creative workshops and concerts are held here.

Next we will go to The House of Volga residence. While crossing the river, you will find out about one of the Russian natural wonders - the great Volga River. It is one of the largest and most beautiful rivers in Europe, which is especially loved by the Russian people.

Day 7

The island town Sviyazhsk

The island town Sviyazhsk is a remarkable monument of Russian antiquity, which sights admire with their beauty and uniqueness, modesty, and, at the same time, grandeur. As part of the tour you will have an opportunity to visit the Sviazhsky Bogoroditsko-Usensky Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and also to see the Lazy Torzhok historical reconstruction complex and to peek into the Tatar settlement museum of the archaeological tree.



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Dates and prices

Older than 12 years
From 0 to 5 years
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We take care of our customers and want their stay in Moscow to be as comfortable, useful and interesting as maximally possible. As is well known, comfort rests on little things, which is why we have carefully prepared the basic “little things” that will make your family tour a pleasant and memorable event.



Safety first

The top priority in travel with children is safety. We have taken care of this. The child car seats, comfortable perambulators, journeys in small groups of 3 to 5 families accompanied by tutors and entertainers guarantee that your children will at all times remain in care while you will be enjoying our program in Moscow.


Nutritious and tasty food

The second in importance item during travels with children is always food. For children it must be not only tasty but also nutritious and made from natural products. All the restaurants and cafes included in our program are prepared to service little customers and offer them a child’s menu adapted for the most demanding child.



The child’s healthy condition is a pledge of an enjoyable travel. Therefore, on the first and last days of your stay in the city a qualified pediatrician will examine your child. We’ve seen to it that at any time you’d be able to turn to a pediatrician for help or advice. He will promptly help you settle all the arising problems.  


All ages yield surrender

Feel sure that during the tour your children will find friends for themselves since we form the groups so that there would be in them more young travelers of similar age. 


Free time for parents 

Our program includes free time for parents. We know that traveling with children is not always a rest, which is why we offer you to spend several evenings without children, a husband and wife let alone and willing to devote themselves to each other. In the meantime their children will be looked after by our attentive tutors offering a great time to the kids. 


Qualified staff

To assure your peace of mind during the family tour, we employ professional tutors who will play interesting games with your children. Nearly all the elements of the program include parallel children’s entertainments or a use of a children’s room. Our staff know how to speak your child’s language. 


We’ve got everything for you! 

You won’t have to take along with you the prams, toys and other accessories that take up the precious space in your suitcase. During your stay in Moscow we shall make available to you everything you need for travelling with children, be it anti-bacterial napkins or lunchboxes.



Travel with us, forgetting everything! Leave an application for a family tour right now, e-mailing us at                                                  or calling on +7 (499) 450-50-05.