Moscow – Sochi. Winter tour.

Skiing on Russia’s main resorts.


Day 1

Moscow: Arival

On the first day you will arrive in the capital of Russia, colorful Moscow, and immerse into the city’s unforgettable atmosphere. First we suggest you accommodate in a comfortable hotel and then go on an evening Radisson yacht cruise where you will enjoy a delicious dinner (dinner is not included in the price).


Day 2

The backstage of the Bolshoi theatre 

On the second day let’s immerse into the cultural part of the city and go on a unique excursion to the backstage of the Bolshoi. Here you will learn about the history and architecture of the theater. Next we suggest you go to the manse Kolomenskoe where you will discover the male and female half of the manse. And at the end of the day you will visit the Tretyakov Gallery. About 100,000 works of art that are presented to the visitors and a lot of them are familiar to everyone.


Day three

The sights of Moscow

A visit to the Grand Kremlin Palace. You will walk through the Faceted Chamber, the Terem Palace, the Empress's chambers, as well as the ceremonial halls and guest houses. After we suggest to take a walk around the territory of the Kremlin, where you will get acquainted with the Kremlin’s architectural ensemble, ancient cathedrals, its historic necropolises, ensembles of monumental painting and a collection of ancient Russian icons. You will also have spare time for shopping at a large shopping complex in the center of Moscow which occupies an entire block of China Town and fronts Red Square.


Day 4


You will take a sightseeing tour around the historic center on the red double-decker City Sightseeing bus. Later on you will take a flight to Sochi.

Check-in in Sochi.


Day 5

The Gorky Gorod ski resort

You will start your day with skiing at the Gorky Gorod ski resort. Gorki Gorod is an all-season mountain resort located in the foothills of the main Caucasian ridge on the territory of the famous Krasnaya Polyana of the Big Sochi. The high level service, architectural refinement and picturesque landscapes of the nature reserve annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Lunch during riding is optional.

After you will have spare time. We recommend you to visit the largest elite casino in Eastern Europe.


Day 6

The Rosa Khutor ski resort

Skiing at the Rosa Khutor ski resort. It’s the is the newest, largest and most modern ski complex in Krasnaya Polyana. It’s the best ski resort in Russia in the opinion of many tourists. In the evening you will go to the bath. A true Russian bath is almost a sacral structure as it is both about self-cleaning and spiritual self-perfecting.


Day 7

Sky Park

Skiing at the Alpika-Alpine Skiing ski resort. It is located in a picturesque place - on Mount Aibga, surrounded by other peaks of the Main Caucasus Range. Sochi mountain tourism started here.

After skiing you will go to the Sky Park which is one of the most popular places for thrill-seekers. Here you can jump on an elastic rope from 207 meters’ height, walk along the bridge over the precipice, swing on the highest swings in the world, feel yourself a soaring bird with the MegaTroll, climb in the rope park and just have with friends.


Day 8

The Olympic Park

Skiing on the Laura slope at the Gazprom resort. The low-sloping terrain of the Psekhako ridge of the Laura ski resort is what distinguishes the resort from the two others nearby. This resort is considered to be the best for family holidays, there are many trails for beginners, and the maximum height is only 1,435 meters.

After skiing you will go on an excursion to the Olympic Park and take a look at the main sites of the 2014 Winter Olympics. It’s a special place for the city. After all, by virtue of the park the whole world got to know the resort capital of Russia became the capital of the Olympic Games. Here are the main sports facilities of the Olympics where competitions in figure skating, hockey, speed skating, curling and other sports were held.


Day 9

The sights of Sochi

A sightseeing tour of the city of Sochi. Sochi is divided into several areas and you will see its central part with Mount Akhun. A tower in the Byzantine style is located here. Topping the mountain, it raises tourists even higher - 700 meters above sea level. Some people come here to click the shutter of the camera, others - for the extraordinary atmosphere.

Also, region’s guests can improve their health on natural hydrogen sulfide Matsesta springs, which we will take a look at.



Day 10

Sochi-Moscow Transfer.

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Dates and prices

We take care of our customers and want their stay in Moscow to be as comfortable, useful and interesting as maximally possible. As is well known, comfort rests on little things, which is why we have carefully prepared the basic “little things” that will make your family tour a pleasant and memorable event.



Safety first

The top priority in travel with children is safety. We have taken care of this. The child car seats, comfortable perambulators, journeys in small groups of 3 to 5 families accompanied by tutors and entertainers guarantee that your children will at all times remain in care while you will be enjoying our program in Moscow.


Nutritious and tasty food

The second in importance item during travels with children is always food. For children it must be not only tasty but also nutritious and made from natural products. All the restaurants and cafes included in our program are prepared to service little customers and offer them a child’s menu adapted for the most demanding child.



The child’s healthy condition is a pledge of an enjoyable travel. Therefore, on the first and last days of your stay in the city a qualified pediatrician will examine your child. We’ve seen to it that at any time you’d be able to turn to a pediatrician for help or advice. He will promptly help you settle all the arising problems.  


All ages yield surrender

Feel sure that during the tour your children will find friends for themselves since we form the groups so that there would be in them more young travelers of similar age. 


Free time for parents 

Our program includes free time for parents. We know that traveling with children is not always a rest, which is why we offer you to spend several evenings without children, a husband and wife let alone and willing to devote themselves to each other. In the meantime their children will be looked after by our attentive tutors offering a great time to the kids. 


Qualified staff

To assure your peace of mind during the family tour, we employ professional tutors who will play interesting games with your children. Nearly all the elements of the program include parallel children’s entertainments or a use of a children’s room. Our staff know how to speak your child’s language. 


We’ve got everything for you! 

You won’t have to take along with you the prams, toys and other accessories that take up the precious space in your suitcase. During your stay in Moscow we shall make available to you everything you need for travelling with children, be it anti-bacterial napkins or lunchboxes.



Travel with us, forgetting everything! Leave an application for a family tour right now, e-mailing us at                                                  or calling on +7 (499) 450-50-05.